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Width:   km
Slip:   m
Shear Modulus:   1011 dyne/cm2
Seismic Moment:
Moment Magnitude:
Moment magnitude provides the magnitude of an earthquake that corresponds roughly to the older Richter scale. Moment magnitude relates the moment released in an earthquake to earthquake magnitude. Moment is the area of the fault multiplied by the slip on the fault in the event and the shear modulus of the surrounding rock. Moment magnitude is a useful magnitude scale for crustal deformation studies because the size of the fault and amount of slip can be inferred from surface motions determined from geodetic methods such as InSAR and GPS. It is also useful for estimating size of earthquakes observed in the paleoseismic record. In this case the approximate size of the rupture and slip can be inferred, but a direct measurement of the waves produced by the earthquake itself is not necessary.

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